With our unique business process, we take the stress of paperwork and management away from the farmer and processor so they can focus on the cultivation of the CBD oils instead of the regulations surrounding them.

Much More than Consulting


Who can get involved with Industrialized Hemp/CBD?

  • Farmers/Hemp Growers
  • Land Owners
  • Investors/Entrepreneurs
  • Business Managers
CBD Oil Production in Northville, MI

If you are looking to get into an exciting and explosive field, CBD oil production could be the answer. Anyone who is willing to invest and work at becoming a hemp processor can do so and can take comfort with JMA as their guide. The Michigan Department of Agriculture has begun allowing hemp growers all across the state, with undress of people informing themselves on the industry. State governments are finally realizing the potential hemp has, and you should too.

Servicing all aspects of the CBD Oil production process

"Michigan is uniquely positioned to grow, process, and manufacture Industrial Hemp. . . This emerging crop not only cultivates new opportunity for our farming community, but it also creates an avenue for new businesses to crop up across the state." - Governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer